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Last Updated 08-01-2018

Yakety Yak -- The Coasters
The Yellow Rose Of Texas -- Gary Miller
The Yellow Rose Of Texas -- Johnny Desmond
The Yellow Rose Of Texas -- Mitch Miller
The Yellow Rose Of Texas -- Ronnie Hilton
Yep! -- Duane Eddy
Yes Tonight, Josephine -- Johnnie Ray
You -- The Aquatones
You Alone -- Perry Como
You Always Hurt The One You Love -- Connie Francis
You Are My Destiny -- Paul Anka
You Are My First Love -- Ruby Murray
You Are My Love -- Joni James
You Better Know It -- Jackie Wilson
You Can Make If If You Try -- Gene Allison
You Can't Be True To Two -- Dave King With The Keynotes
You Cheated -- The Shields
You Don't Know Me -- Jerry Vale
You Don't Owe Me A Thing -- Johnnie Ray
You Made Me Love You -- Nat King Cole
You, Me And Us -- Alma Cogan
You My Love -- Frank Sinatra
You Need Hands -- Eydie Gorme
You Send Me -- Sam Cooke
You Send Me -- Teresa Brewer
You Were Made For Me -- Sam Cooke
You Were Mine -- The Fireflies
You You Romeo -- Shirley Bassey
You You You -- The Ames Brothers
You'll Never Never Know -- The Platters
You'll Never Never Know / It Isn't Right -- The Platters
Young Abe Lincoln -- Don Cornell
Young And Foolish -- Edmund Hockridge
Young And Foolish -- Ronnie Hilton
Young At Heart -- Frank Sinatra
Young Blood -- The Coasters
Young Love -- The Crew Cuts
Young Love -- Sonny James
Young Love -- Tab Hunter
Your Wild Heart -- Joy Layne
You're Gonna Miss Me -- Connie Francis
You're My One And Only Love -- Ricky Nelson
You're So Fine -- The Falcons
You're The Top Cha -- Al Saxon
(You've Got) The Magic Touch -- The Platters
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